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Sailordan Maintenance and Repair
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 11 reviews
by Betty Jones on Sailordan Maintenance and Repair
Thank You

Owning a watercraft has its ups and downs. Fortunately, I managed to make the “downs" turn into “ups” with the routine boat maintenance service I have arranged with this mechanic. The guy always shows up on time and never skimps on quality. Good prices, too. I highly recommend his company.

by Lorraine Richardson on Sailordan Maintenance and Repair
Excellent Job

There was a small leak coming from my small boat and this guy managed to fix it, in no time. Not only that but the boat repair service turned out to be quite affordable. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.

by Everett Ingram on Sailordan Maintenance and Repair
Professional I Can Trust

I recently managed to buy my own boat. However, it was second hand and a lot of work needed to be done. I couldn’t do everything, so I hired this boat mechanic to take care of the motor repairs for me while I did the cleaning. The watercraft was done in less than two days. I was ready to sail along with my friends and enjoy the summer days just like we are, right now.

by Melinda Ferguson on Sailordan Maintenance and Repair
The Right Guy for the Job

To prevent the boat engine of my watercraft from cracking or malfunctioning, I had to ensure the thorough boat winterization of my water vehicle last year. Luckily I got in touch with this guy. He did a wonderful job and when I came to get my boat ready to set sail again in spring, it performed flawlessly.

by Carlos Sanchez on Sailordan Maintenance and Repair
Satisfied and impressed with the maintenance work made

As a professional yacht captain for 13 years and has been always meticulous with procedures for boat maintenance. I am truly elated that this company was able to do a good job! Nothing was overlooked and every part of the boat was taken into consideration.

by Tammy Poole on Sailordan Maintenance and Repair
Thank You Very Much

My boat recently got damaged and it turned out the motor was dead. I had to find and hire a reliable boat motor repair mechanic who could help me restore the performance of my watercraft. Fortunately, I found this guy in less than a day. We met the day after, he went through the entire boat and gave me an estimate I could hardly decline. He then quickly addressed all the motor repairs at hand and didn’t charge me that much for the whole job, too. The results were fantastic. I highly recommend this company.

by Adam McAdams on Sailordan Maintenance and Repair
Prompt service, thanks

I was anxious that this company will not be able to attend to our inquiries regarding their boat repair but it turns out they are very customer-oriented. Thank you for the repairs you made on my Catalina sailboat!

by Eileen Lambert on Sailordan Maintenance and Repair

Thank you for keeping my yacht clean and in excellent condition. I couldn't be more satisfied with your boat maintenance program and will continue to work with you. I will also recommend your services to other boat owners.

by Travis K. on Sailordan Maintenance and Repair
Wow! Affordable rates!

I was quite worried that a crack in the fiberglass of my boat will cost much but all my worries regarding the repair costs were eased thanks to this company. Furthermore, I am very impressed at how fast the attending boat mechanic fixed the issues on my fiberglass.

by Herbert Randall on Sailordan Maintenance and Repair
I will gladly recommend your service to our organization

I had to prepare my boat for the cold winter last year and I am happy that I picked this guy to handle the boat winterization work for me. I'm sure I'll be using his services again in the near future.

by Michael Greene on Sailordan Maintenance and Repair
Thank you for fixing the motors

It has been several days since I have sailed all because the motors of my boat busted. I called this company right away after my in-law recommended their service and I am grateful I did it! It’s such an added bonus that the mechanic was able to thoroughly explain what went wrong with my motors. Thank you so much for the boat motor repair service!

Services List

  • Boat Maintenance
  • Boat Cleaning
  • Boat Motor Repairs
  • Boat Inspection
  • Boat Winterization
  • Boat Summerization
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