More About the Boat Services I Provide

When it comes to professional mobile boat maintenance, Sailordan Maintenance and Repair is the company you can trust for an excellent service. Located in Weatherford, TX, my company has grown from an unknown business to a premier choice for many boat owners, mainly individuals in need of the variety of watercraft services I provide, including:

boat maintenance

Boat Maintenance

Boat Winterization

A boat requires care, even during the winter seasons. To properly prepare your watercraft for the cold months, you can take advantage of the winterizing I offer. I will make sure to leave enough fuel in the tank of your boat, change its fluids and filters accordingly, drain the water from the engine block, sea-pump, exhaust system, and other sectors, spray with an anti-corrosion solution, and disconnect the batteries.

Boat Motor Repairs – Whether it is flooding or doesn’t start, your boat will need a motor repair. I can also address different motor repairs on your watercraft, as well. I work with leading-edge technology along with full-scale equipment to ensure a timely and efficient repair on your boat’s inboard and outboard motors.

Boat Interior Cleaning – For an optimal detail job on the interior of your watercraft, you can count on my expertise as a boat cleaner. I will come, assess, and give you an honest estimate. Furnished with top-shelf boat cleaning products, I will see to it that your watercraft shines on the inside.

Boat Exterior Cleaning – Maintaining your boat clean on the outside is a beneficial option, worth considering. However, tasks, such as underwater boat cleaning, are extreme and one of the most difficult to perform. In such cases, hiring a specialist is crucial. When in need, you can arrange a service with me. I offer an affordable cost for a complete exterior cleanup, based on precision to detail.

Boat Inspections– I carry out boat inspections on a scheduled basis and upon request. I will cover all sorts of on-site inspections of all sectors of your watercraft, and I provide you with comprehensive and valuable information.

Contact my company in Weatherford, TX to schedule a mobile service with me as your trusty boat mechanic. Available by appointment, I await your calls at (817) 598-9817 where you can learn more about the services I provide, as well as detailed info about Sailordan Maintenance and Repair. I’m looking forward to your calls. Contact me today!

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